To be honest: Saidia isnt the student initiative everyone is talking about during
introductory week, the members do not present themselves as kind of “party association”
and the consultants do not get paid, but its still worth having a second sight as it is one of
the most impressive and interesting extracurriculars of WHU.
Getting more familiar with their activities I signed up for the email project distribution.
Amongst other I liked the idea of gaining consultancy experience while having a social
impact as well as spreading the workload over the whole semester instead of participating
in an event focused initiative. After reading about a few projects that sounded pretty
interesting, but too tough for a freshman, I found a long-term project which suits me quite
Being surprised about the complex and professional application process, which included
sending my CV and a motivational letter as well as having two job interviews one with
the team and one with the client (some applicants also had to do a brain teaser), I was
convinced that the project work is as professional as the selection of applicants.
Now that I successfully got assigned to the project I am glad I applied. My first
impressions surpass all expectations. Working in a qualified but cordial team makes
meetings inspiring and motivating and its easy to combine the workload with your
studies. Having a real firm as contracting entity gives you a realistic insight into
communication and cooperation in consultancy jobs. For me it just feels like finally
making use of all the theoretical skills learned by heart slide by slide. Of course you can’t
put working in these projects on the same level with having internships at McKinsey,
BCG, or other consultancies, but its still a precious insight you can rarely get anywhere
In the project I am currently working on our team is responsible for a strategic
repositioning of the foundation called “Filippas Engel”, it awards young people for
extraordinary social commitment.
This includes improving the marketing channels, organizing the award ceremony and
rising general awareness of the existence of this foundation, with the effect of acquiring
new applicants and sponsors.
We already introduced an action plan and confirmed it with the client just yesterday.
Right now we are dedicatedly implementing the measures which we prioritized.
For our project work we use a structured approach, starting with a brain storm session,
followed by individual research. Our team held a few quick meetings to coordinate the
tasks and responsibilities and to emphasize the thread. Before implementing any ideas,
we confirm and edit everything in cooperation with the client, because in the end the
main goal is to satisfy him.
Saidia is one of my favorite varieties from studying. What I like most about this activity
is working in teams with like-minded people and having a measurable impact as well as
getting in touch with various inspiring people.

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