The first year at a new university with new people in an unfamiliar environment can be difficult, but exciting at the same time. Being a Quitschie is not that easy sometimes. Others see you as a young, unexperienced student who does not know a lot about the material yet. Nevertheless, Saidia gives us the opportunity to make a difference and take responsibility for a project we would never get in touch with without this initiative.

To get an insight in the non-profit student consultancy, I interviewed Niklas Krakau studying in the first semester at WHU who was part of a project for an NGO in the Silicon Valley. This non-profit organisation, called SV-Links has commissioned Saidia to make a market analysis in south-east Asia. Therefor the Saidia participants formed a group of five of which each member was responsible for analysing the market of one country. Then they compared these different markets and created a ranking for their client. This provided information about which market had most potential and which was the best concentrating on. After that everybody had to find contacts in each country, for example StartUps, investors or MBA-students who the client could get in touch with. Finally, the team recommended the client what he should do in the future.

In Niklas´ opinion it was a huge chance to develop his personality and knowledge by conducting market analysis and working in a team together with other students.

„This process was a great experience, where I could realize my theoretical knowledge“, Niklas said.

Because there was a given time span, he could plan his time working on the project more flexible and it didn´t stress him during his studies. Besides, working in the team was a lot of fun and due to their individual skills, every team member could perfectly support each other.

Being part of a project of Saidia connects oneself with other students who share the same intention – helping companies to fulfil their dreams by advising them on their way of working. Together in a team the students exchange their knowledge and find the best solution for their client. They don´t only work non-financial but with a lot of enthusiasm and fun! Everyone has in mind: „We really make a change and it´s all in good cause! “

„I would definitely participate again“, Niklas assured me.

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