Silicon Valley Links or SV Links, is a non-profit organization with the objective of promoting links between the professional community of Silicon Valley and the rest of the world in order to educate the business communities.

So as to give support its mission of fostering a culture of entrepreneurial spirit and innovation among entrepreneurial communities, SV Links organizes immersion trips to Silicon Valley. These trips allow
entrepreneurs, business people and leaders, to experience first hand the dynamics, culture and resources of the most innovative region of the world.


In this international project Saidia Consulting conducted a market analyzes of South-East Asia for SV Links. The team of four consultants and one project leader analyzed the different countries in the region by their potential for SV Links. In a next step the team gave a recommendation of how to enter best in that new region. Finally the team collected, clustered and prepared direct contacts to key players and people in the most promising countries.

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